June Favourites


It’s come around very quickly to my favourite blog post; monthly favourites! One of the reasons I started my blog was to share what I was loving. My friends would often ask me for opinions/advice on certain products, and I feel that the monthly favourite posts really embody this idea.

I seem to have a super co-ordinated collection this month. A lot of the items in this month’s haul have been birthday presents as I turned 21 in June! I don’t like to chose loads and loads of items, so I have really narrowed it down.


The first item is my copper A from Hobbycraft. It was only £3.50 which is miles cheaper than some of the other versions I have seen in different shops. It is the perfect size and looks great sat next to my light-box. It’s a perfect piece of homeware for anyone who loves monogramming.


Next up = scents! My brother asked me if I’d like any fragrance for my birthday, and I knew just the one to ask for. I had received a sample of ‘Classique’ by Jean-Paul Gaultier in a magazine and fell in love with it. I had so many compliments, just from the sample, that i knew I had to get my hands on the full size. It is a beautiful, sweet scent which makes me feel so put together when I wear it! Even if I look awful, I feel OK if I am wearing this perfume!


Sea salt & Lavender is one of my favourite Primark scents, when I noticed it in a beautiful marble tin, I was like a magnet. I didn’t even have to think about it; I knew I NEEDED it. These candles are a great alternative to pricey ones and look just as stylish. The one was only £3!



I hate to be a ‘favourite repeater’ but I am…it is the return of my Kat Von D matte lip in shade Bow n Arrow. More specifically though, I have LOVED combining it with my new Mac matte lipstick in shade Honeylove. I have wanted this lipstick for such a long time and I was lucky to receive it for my birthday from my boyfriend. These two lip colours layered created the perfect nude lip.


The final item in my June favourites is one I have wanted to try for a while now and it’s the Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation in shade ‘Fair’. It is a perfect shade fit and blends beautifully. It has a great coverage which can be built up for a more flawless appearance. Like all Charlotte Tilbury products, it is beautifully packaged. What more could you want?


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