July Favourites


IMG_0005What a month July has been! I’ve started a new (graduate!) job as a graphic designer – which has been my dream for a while now. As you can imagine, it has been a busy month so I only have a few bits for this months favourites.


Those of you who know me well know I’m OBSESSED with blackheads – more so, their removal. I’ve written a whole blog post about the best methods for removing your blackheads here. One of my favourite products to use is the Biore pore strips – they also happened to be on offer in Superdrug recently, so I couldn’t resist.

These strips absolutely hold the title for ‘best pore strips’ in my opinion. I have never been disappointed by them and I have tried A LOT of different products.  I think the secret to these strips is the special glue which seals the strip to your skin. And hey…they also come in animal print patterns now?!



Returning this month is also an old favourite, my Make up Forever ultra HD foundation. I’ve also done something with it I never imagined I would…applying it…with…my…HANDS. I know there are probably people cringing at the thought of such an application technique, however, for me, it’s been the key to making my make up last throughout the day. I must be too aggressive with my brushes/beauty blender as I never seem to get as much coverage from my product.

I love to apply this with my fingers and gently pat it in before taking a large fluffy brush to blend out any harsh lines. It has been my preferred technique for a month now – so give it a try if you’re having problems with your coverage!


Like the foundation, I’m pretty sure this MUA Highlight has been featured in a previous post. I remember seeing this all over Instagram and people were claiming it was one of the best highlights on the hughstreet. Best part? It’s £3. THREE P O U N D S. !!!!!!

The pigment of this highlight is absolutely phenomenal when you compare it to it’s extremely reasonable price tag. They have a few different shades, but this pinky one is my favourite for a pretty, natural glow.


Now, i’m not much of a reader, but when I found out Louise was releasing a book, I knew I was going to love it straight away. I’m not massively into the book yet, only about half way, but i am loving it. The writing style is really easy to understand – so it’s great for me to read before bed when I don’t want anything too overly complex. Louise’s funny and bubbly personality really shines through the main character, Robin Wilde.


The final item of this month’s haul is my Batiste Stylist hairspray. Now I’ve got a real adult job, I decided I need to start making more of an effort with my appearance! One of my favourite ways to create effortless beachy waves is to put my hair it tight curls and sleep on it. My hair is super thick and heavy, so it is KEY that I have a mega hold hairspray to keep the curls in place, ready for brushing  in the morning. This stuff has yet to let me down. It’s affordable and it works.


What have you been loving this month? let me know!


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