Finding the Balance – Blogging and Working

Jumping from uni and straight into a full time role was a big jump. I remember kissing goodbye to a relatively flexible week and saying hello to a very ‘grown up’ 9-5 routine.

Being offered my dream job straight after university was the biggest blessing I could have asked for. I actually finished university in May, and didn’t start my job until July; meaning I had a month or so to do as I pleased. I decided to dedicate a lot of time to my blog. It was an exciting time with a lot of events and I was enjoying being a blogger.

A couple weeks before I started my job, I pre-wrote a lot of blog posts and wrote a plan. I knew that the likelihood of me being able to have any sort of creativity/energy left to blog would be unlikely. I’d like to say I’m a hard worker – so by the end of each working day, I’m pretty much ready to go home and re-charge my personal battery. I was worried that just as I was starting to feel like I was getting somewhere with my blog, it would go downhill as I wouldn’t have the time. I was determined not to let this happen!

I’ve been at my job for just about 2 months now, and I’ve managed to get into the grove of working my blog around my life. Here’s a few tips which may help you!

  1. Set aside specific time to blog. For me, it’s a Sunday. This doesn’t have to be writing; it could be a bit of social media, photography, emails etc.
  2. Write down any blog idea you have so you can beat writers block.
  3. Schedule blog posts in advance and schedule tweets to go live alongside them. That way, your posts are taken care of if you’re not around to publicise it.
  4. Don’t put pressure on yourself and don’t compare yourself to other bloggers. Everyone has their own way of working their blog around their life. Yours will be unique to you!
  5. If blogging related activity feels like something you ‘have to’ do – don’t do it. It should be fun. Save it for another day! This is why I think it’s important to plan and schedule as much as possible.

Hopefully these tips are useful to some of you. It doesn’t have to be related to work either; perhaps it’s school or a college course which takes up a lot of your time. Let me know how you tackle blogging around a busy lifestyle in the comments below or on twitter! @FromAHart


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