Where did my Make-up Obsession come from?

Some people collect coins, others may collect stamps; I however, collect make-up.


I remember the joy of filling my first make-up bag with the bits of make-up that came free with Shout magazine. I remember having such a vast collection; everything from blue eyeshadow to very overly scented lip gloss. I had no idea what went with what, or how to apply any of it, but I did know that I LOVED owning it.

My mum was never keen on the idea of me wearing make-up, as a pre-teen, the most I really wore on a daily basis was a bit of mascara – which was a miss sporty one, and I kept it for YEARS. I remember feeling more confident which each swipe of the mascara wand onto my lashes.

Throughout secondary school, I struggled a lot with my appearance. I never felt like one of the ‘pretty’ girls and was often teased/bullied. For those of you that know me, and have read my mental health story, you will know how much my social anxiety affected me at school. I couldn’t answer a question in front of the class without having a panic attack. Being so self-conscious lead to my lack of self-esteem and made me doubt everything about myself.

There was one thing which always made me feel better…make-up. I remember the day I threw away everything I had free from a magazine, and started to buy proper make-up. I had a Collection 2000 concealer, mascara, and a few pieces from Boots’ Natural Collection. Over the months, my collection started to build, and so did the points on my Boots advantage card! My best friend and I, Molly, both began to become super interested in make-up and how to apply it.

I remember struggling to make my make-up ‘pop’ behind my glasses, so I turned to YouTube to find tutorials. I remember become lost in awe of beauty gurus such as Panacea81, Michelle Phan and Bubz beauty. Little did I know, Molly was watching the same kind of content, so we began watching countless make-up tutorials together and practising on each other! (If any one knows anything about my ‘glow up’ or whatever – it’s Molly!)

As I grew up, so did YouTube. Access to Make-up artists talking about their craft become more and more accessible. I started reading blogs and becoming super interested in the ‘beauty’ section of magazines. I remember learning more and more about high-end brands; Mac, Urban Decay etc. All I knew was that I wanted to own as much of it as I possibly could. My Christmas lists stopped being filled with the contents of the Argos catalogue, and more so the entire stock of a Mac store.


As my collection of beauty products grew, so did my skill level and confidence. I also noticed a huge boost in my self-esteem when I started wearing contact lenses. I started to see my face as a blank page I could decorate.

I don’t know if anyone else can relate to this, but there seemed to be a boom in make-up on social media around 2013/14. I remember seeing videos plastered all over Instagram and Facebook, which become my new ‘YouTube tutorials’ when I went to University. This time around however, I had a student loan!


When I think of make-up, it brings me so much joy. While some people turn to gaming, drawing, reading etc, I like to take all my make-up off and just have a play! I may not have a huge collection, but I have what I love and I admire every single thing I own.

If you’re like me and make-up mad, how did you get into it?!


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