Blended to Perfection – Cawa Coffee

It’s easy to walk past a coffee shop and assume that it’ll be ‘just another coffee shop’. Sheffield’s latest addition is Cawa Coffee, and it blows any element of the phrase ‘just another coffee shop’ straight out of the water.

The night of the 24th of October saw a night exclusive for bloggers/PR at Cawa Coffee, a cosy, hidden gem sitting just outside the city centre in student-filled Broomhill. 5 Crookes Road to be precise.

After walking through the door, not only are you greeted with the wonderful smells of fresh coffee but beautifully freshly baked bread and pastries.

When I say this place is not just another coffee shop, let me explain.

Absolutely everything from the team of people who work there, to each pastry sold has been expertly chosen, or crafted, to the absolute finest perfection. There is not one detail that hasn’t been thought of in their formula for creating an excellent little escape a stones throw from the hustle and bustle of city life. With each sip of hand selected coffee, you can taste the love and knowledge which has gone into creating that very cup. The team even flew out to Brazil and Columbia to select and create the coffee blend. They even roast the coffee themselves to ensure maximum freshness and taste. Incredible?!

Everything, where possible, at Cawa Coffee is locally sourced – something I adore as I believe it is very important to support local businesses. Sheffield famous names such as Our Cow Molly and The Birdhouse Tea Company is available, providing an alternative for those who don’t quite have the tastebuds for coffee. Let me tell you though, if you’re not a coffee fan – please try the coffee available here as it really is like no other coffee I have ever tasted – and that’s coming from a girl who used to work in a coffee shop during my first year of uni!

Just when you think you’ve taken in everything Cawa Coffee has to offer, you may realise the little corner promoting Cawa branded natural toiletries. So – good coffee, food AND beauty products? Count me in.

Little individually wrapped soaps and balms are carefully displayed and make the perfect take away option and even gifts. Again, you named it, the toiletries are locally sourced. Not mass produced in some factory and full of harsh chemicals. We were lucky enough to have some soap to bring home with us, and while I haven’t tried it yet (as I am writing this at 4am, the morning after the event!) I can tell you the smell is luxurious and calming. The soaps on offer are an orange scent, aloe Vera, lavender (the one I went for) and one more which I annoyingly can’t remember – but that just goes to show the range available.

With a vision to expand, you cannot fault the love that has been put into this place. Each team member has refined their craft to a t. They even presented us with a cup of black coffee, one which I was hesitant to try, and I was mind blown. A gentle, perhaps even slightly fruity, warm blend caressed my tastebuds like no coffee has ever done before – and this is coming from someone who normally can’t drink coffee without sugar and milk.

I really can assure you that a trip to Cawa Coffee needs to be on your to-do list. I have never fallen in love with such a spot before. I took along my pastry and Coffee loving boyfriend, and we both couldn’t stop stressing what a wonderful place it was and how glad we are that we were able to experience it. I really can’t sing this place’s praises enough and am so thankful and honoured I was able to experience their little piece of the world which I fully support in its mission to showcase expertly selected local products sold by a wonderful team of positive, enthusiastic and knowledgable people.

In fact, put it at the top of your to-do list. Please. You absolutely will not regret it and will fall in love with it, just like we all did tonight.

Thank you Cawa Coffee for changing my perspective on coffee and for welcoming us all with your generosity and warmth. We’ll be back.


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