Winter Wanders



I’ve had an interest in Photography for a good number of years now. While it is something I’ve never gone ‘pro’ with, I do still find a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from the hobby. I know that I don’t own top of the range kit and probably could put a lot more effort in, but I’m so happy with my current Canon EOS M10.

One thing I admire about blogging, is that it allows me to challenge myself to capture things in an exciting way to engage my readers and really show off what I have been up to or what products I am talking about. This is not only through words, but through imagery also.

In the past few days, my boyfriend purchased a drone after months of contemplating and thinking about it. We both decided that when it arrived, we would get out more on our usually lazy Sundays and explore the world around us; Joey via Drone and me via camera. I’m hoping that by visiting different locations with different weather conditions, I can teach myself a lot more about capturing that perfect shot.


The first stop on today’s adventures was the Penistone Viaduct which is something I have never actually got close to before despite living in Sheffield all of my life. It is practically on my boyfriends doorstep, and he got some incredible shots of this from above!

It’s an absolute ginormous structure, and definitely made me feel a lot shorter than I already am! If you’re lucky too, you can hear the trains go over.


Our second stop was the Emley Moor Tower. Another monument which made me feel super small. I won’t lie, I was cold by this point and took photos out the window of the car as it was so freezing. Joey was still able to brave the cold!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into my day today and I hope it has inspired you to get out and admire your local scenery like we did! While every post won’t be like this, expect to see more lifestyle and photography posts as I find writing these posts so much more rewarding. I do still love my beauty writing though, so that is never going to disappear!





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