Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Liquid Lipsticks


Above photo: Wearing shade ‘Stripped’

Matte lipsticks always seem like a great idea when you’re sat putting your make-up on. The glossy texture glides onto your lips and life is great. You look in the mirror and feel like an Instagram model flogging the latest must have matte lip. However, after a few hours, you start to feel your lips shrivelling into wrinkly, dry lumps and you can’t really rescue it. Sigh…it was fun while it lasted.

Recently, I had a f*** it moment. I was scrolling down my Facebook feed and noticed an ad for a set of full sized Anastasia Beverley Hills matte lipsticks for £32. The value was worth about £120 I believe. My eyes widened in shock and I looked for any signs of it being fake. I clicked the link and was directly taken to the official website. Safe to say I was SHOOKETH. While Halifax was gently telling me ‘No Amy, you’re saving for a new iPhone’ I didn’t hesitate clicking ‘add to cart’.

A few days letter, I got in for work to see the package I had been waiting for. Six beautiful liquid lipsticks presented in a luxurious metallic box. You know in films when characters find a box of treasure and it glows onto their face? This was kinda the same thing.


So, these are the shades! From the top we have ‘Requiem’, ”Current’, ‘Dazed’, ‘American Doll’, ‘Toast’ and ‘Stripped’. 


In the photo above I’m wearing ‘American Doll’ which is the ULTIMATE red lipstick. Think pin-up girl meets MAC’s ‘Crimson’. This is the ultimate festive red for me and I cannot wait to wear it more!


I never thought, in a million YEARS, that I would own a G R E E N lipstick. Green. Ok so it’s not a shade for day-to-day, but I totally see this being a sassy edition to an edgy outfit on a night out. I don’t think I’m brave enough to sport this out, maybe Halloween?!


My favourite shade out of the selection is probably ‘Toast’ (worn above). It’s a beautiful nude/brown and goes well with the sort of eye-make up I like to wear. I think this shade would compliment darker skin BEAUTIFULLY too.

So less about the colours; the texture of these lipsticks is nice and thick which you’d expect from a luxury brand like ABH. The applicator is a longer ‘pad’ at the end of the wand. Its the perfect size and shape for me, but that’s personal preference!

You definitely cannot fault the pigment of these lipsticks either, the colour is very rich and you don’t need to do more than one layer. You can easily get away without wearing lip liner too!



While these lipsticks are long-lasting, you do get the ‘lip stick butt hole‘ – you know when your bit of wet lip starts to show and contrasts heavily with your lipstick? This is probably less obvious with the nude shades, but I don’t think ANY matte lipstick can avoid doing this. If you’re that fussed you can just re-apply and you’re good to go!

Overall, it’s a 4.5/5 (the 0.5 for the butthole sitch) I love these lipsticks and I am SO glad I was able to snap up this deal. Do you have any of these shades? Let me know – I’d love to hear what you think of them!!


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