Worth the Hype?

It doesn’t seem too long since a lot of the make up community wanted to boycott brands such as Make Up Revolution for accusations that they were copying high end brands such as Urban Decay. I wrote a whole other blog post about this, mainly saying how I think MUR is a wonderful brand for making cruelty free and high quality make up affordable for those of us with lower budgets.

It seems a lot of that drama has been put away into a corner of the internet, especially since the launch of their ‘Conceal and Define’ concealer, which at £4.00, has taken the industry by storm with the product selling out very quickly. I haven’t seen this much excitement over a high street product in a while, and it’s lovely to see something that is so affordable and accessible! I believe this concealer is now available in Ulta which is fantastic news for those living in the states! So about the actual product! I purchased two shades; C3 and C6 – just so I had the choice when wearing fake tan or when my skin is paler in these winter months.

Application: 10/10

I love how easy this stuff is to apply! It has the typical concealer applicator wand, but it’s about 10 times bigger. This is fantastic for applying small dots in particular areas of the face. The applicator also means you could easily apply it as a foundation if you didn’t want to wear a heavy base.

Longevity: 9/10

I tested this out on a work day, meaning being sat in an office which goes from super duper air con cold to oven hot. My foundation doesn’t usually exist around my nose and cheeks by the end of the day, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that applying a little of this concealer in those tricky areas helped to keep my skin tone looking even all day. It also provides a beautiful soft texture. I give it a nine as I haven’t worn it long enough to test the entirety of the product.

Cost: 10/10

£4 for a cruelty free, high-end quality concealer almost seems to good to be true. I even told my boyfriend I was pretty sure this concealer would hide 21 years of tiredness! Lol!

I hope this blog post has been able to offer you an insight into the most talked about product at the minute. You may have also heard it be compared to high-end brand, Tarte and their shape tape concealer. As Tarte isn’t as accessible in the UK as Make up Revolution is, this is a great time for us brits! There’s also a really decent shade range so check it out if you struggle finding a good match for your tone.


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