Current Beauty Favourites


When struggling to think of a blog post idea, it suddenly hit me that it has been so long since I’ve done a monthly favourites post! While it’s a bit of an iffy time to post it as a February or March favourites, I thought I would just generalise and post everything I’ve been using and loving in the past few weeks.

The cold weather is really pushing my skin to it’s limit! I have dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin, therefore I have to be so careful. Sometimes, no matter what I use, I’ll still have a breakout of dry skin patches, but I’ve found a few products that help keep it at bay!

First of all, is the Weleda Skin Food. I wouldn’t say Weleda is a widely-discussed brand, however it’s got a fantastic reputation and is also cruelty free! The Skin Food is quite a thick formula with a slight orange scent. You definitely need to use a reasonable amount – I like to smother it on my face before I go to sleep. I get patches of eczema in the creases of my eye-lids, and this moisturiser was an absolute gem when clearing up by current flare-up.

I’ve spent a lot of time being poorly in February and March, so my complexion was starting to look super dull. I’ve been enjoying popping on a bit of my Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow as a base for my foundation. What I love about this product is how it comes out white, but as you rub it into your skin it goes into a beautiful bronze/sun-kissed shade. I like to then layer my normal foundation on top and it creates a nice glowing finish.


I’ve been mixing up what foundation I use recently. The one I’ve been using mostly however, is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, which I believe I’ve mentioned before in a favourites post! It sits so nicely on top of the Healthy Glow moisturiser. I really love Charlotte Tilbury products for a base.


Mascara is definitely one of those products which is  hit and miss with a lot of people in my opinion. Some people prefer thick lashes whereas some people prefer longer, defined lashes. For me, I like a bit of both! I’ve been trying to phase-out products which aren’t cruelty free so I found this Zoeva Graphic Lash mascara on Beauty Bay a while back. I am so glad I found it as it’s a wonderful, long lasting product which, after a couple of coats, gives me thick, long, dark lashes. It’s probably my new favourite mascara of all time! It reminds me a little of Mac’s Zoom lash mascara.

I’ve decided to keep it short but sweet this time around as I can never get through a long favourites essay! If there’s anything you’ve been using on dry skin that works for you – please help a girl out and let me know!


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