My Trip to Liz Earle


If you’ve been a long-time reader of my blog, or know me well, you’ll know that my holy grail skincare product is the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser.  I’ve always struggled to find things that work for my super sensitive and eczema prone skin. In 2013/14 I was told I had rare anti-bodies which resulted in having some sort of unknown auto-immune disease which can affect the skin, it being the biggest organ. While I have no name for that yet, all I know is that I have to be very careful about what goes near my skin. Liz Earle products have never resulted in itchiness, rashes or redness – they’ve only ever worked wonders which is why I am an absolute fan girl for their products.


About a week ago now, I was invited into John Lewis, Sheffield by the Liz Earle counter. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but upon arrival, I was told I was about to receive a completely complimentary facial – win! Jayne, the counter manager, showed me into one of the beauty rooms which was like walking into a little spa…right in the middle of town! Literally next to a Wetherspoons! Lol!

As I use Liz Earle products on a day-to-day basis, I was super excited to find out if I had been using them properly and if there was anything else I could add to my routine.


The treatment started off with the iconic Hot Cloth Cleanser – I don’t need to talk anymore about this stuff. It’s just incredible. Afterwards, my skin with treated with the Skin Tonic, which I had always been using as a toner, but in fact, it is a hydrating layer for the skin. After this, Jayne used a little exfoliator on my face – which was super gentle and a real treat for the face.


Just when my skin was already feeling super hydrated and treated, I had a face mask applied to my skin. It was a super light, creamy texture which didn’t tighten on the skin – I find a lot of tightening face masks to be quite drying on the skin, this may just be me though. The mask was left on for 10 minutes, and while it was working its magic, I had an arm and hand massage with some of the beautiful dry oils. I usually scare away from oils as I have this image of walking around the house, covered in oil, waiting for it to dry. The Liz Earle ones came in a pump and a spray, which enabled an easy application. They also dried beautifully fast, meaning you could spray and go!

When it was time to remove the mask, Jayne said that the mask will find the dry areas of the skin and will work on those the most – she said she could see this by looking at my face after the ten minutes – cool! Once the mask had been removed, a little serum and moisturiser was added and a bit of skin tonic spray.

Now I’m writing this, I’m just hoping I got it all in the right order…I was so relaxed I forgot to even think about trying to remember the products, my bad.

This was probably the nicest Friday morning I’ve had in a while! If you’re struggling to find skincare that suits your skin, try going to a Liz Earle counter. They actually have  mens range too. Finally, a big thank you to the Liz Earle team at John Lewis, Sheffield. ❤


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