If you’ve found your way onto this page, I may just have the answer to your question.


1) Why are you called ‘From A Hart’? 

My name is Amy Hart, and I liked the idea of creating a blog with content which comes from the heart. It’s a very bad play on words, but I still like it!

2) How old are you?


3) Do you work with brands/are you PR friendly?

Yes! Working with brands is one of my favourite elements of blogging. I’ve worked with the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Booband, The Car People and The Treat Kitchen to name a few.

4) How long have you been blogging for?

Just over two years now, however I have only started taking my blog seriously and putting extra effort into it in the past year

5) Do you accept pre written/ guest blog content?

Only if I believe it will fit and benefit my blog. I haven’t included any pre-written content yet.