Winter Wanders



I’ve had an interest in Photography for a good number of years now. While it is something I’ve never gone ‘pro’ with, I do still find a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from the hobby. I know that I don’t own top of the range kit and probably could put a lot more effort in, but I’m so happy with my current Canon EOS M10.

One thing I admire about blogging, is that it allows me to challenge myself to capture things in an exciting way to engage my readers and really show off what I have been up to or what products I am talking about. This is not only through words, but through imagery also.

In the past few days, my boyfriend purchased a drone after months of contemplating and thinking about it. We both decided that when it arrived, we would get out more on our usually lazy Sundays and explore the world around us; Joey via Drone and me via camera. I’m hoping that by visiting different locations with different weather conditions, I can teach myself a lot more about capturing that perfect shot.


The first stop on today’s adventures was the Penistone Viaduct which is something I have never actually got close to before despite living in Sheffield all of my life. It is practically on my boyfriends doorstep, and he got some incredible shots of this from above!

It’s an absolute ginormous structure, and definitely made me feel a lot shorter than I already am! If you’re lucky too, you can hear the trains go over.


Our second stop was the Emley Moor Tower. Another monument which made me feel super small. I won’t lie, I was cold by this point and took photos out the window of the car as it was so freezing. Joey was still able to brave the cold!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into my day today and I hope it has inspired you to get out and admire your local scenery like we did! While every post won’t be like this, expect to see more lifestyle and photography posts as I find writing these posts so much more rewarding. I do still love my beauty writing though, so that is never going to disappear!





To Tame a Mane

About a month ago, I was convinced my hair had retired. Yep. You read that correctly. I was 99% sure my hair had given up doing its job as ‘being hair’ and bought itself a holiday home in a Spanish Island. Ok, I’m probably taking this a bit too far now. What I’m basically trying to say is that it simply stopped growing. I decided around a year ago that I wanted to cut my hair short. I made the brave decision to cut off my long brunette locks for a more grown-up ‘lob’ look. I enjoyed it for a few months until I got bored and wanted my long, thick hair back. There was one slight problem, I don’t think it wanted me back.




I had so many hair cuts which were just to snip to ends off and maintain the short hair, but it simply stayed the same length. I tried everything to get it to grow. I would spend a good five minutes deeply massaging my scalp to try and encourage growth in my hair, but nothing.

Cut to a few weeks later and my work Christmas party is announced – the girls group chat instantly boomed, ‘are you going?’ and ‘what are you wearing?’. I could only think of one thing, I wish I had my long hair to make myself feel extra glam. This probably sounds pretty pathetic, but you don’t know this feeling unless you’ve gone from very long to short hair!

I started asking my friends for some advice. How can I get my hair to grow super quick in 2 months? My friend suggested the brand, Mane ‘n Tail and she mentioned how she knew someone who had used to as they wanted to stop wearing their hair extensions. My friend said that in a month, she ditched the extensions, and it was all thanks to the shampoo brand.




I won’t lie, as a bit of a Graphic Design snob, I was a bit put off by the packaging at first, but after having a mooch into the brand, I knew I had to try it. The reviews on amazing were soaring, and it was due to be pay day that week…

Cut to a month later and I’m looking through my photos from my graduation. Even with my hair curled, I can notice a huge difference in length! I am just over the moon. I’ve even got my mum hooked onto the stuff. We both have super thick hair, so this stuff is great for helping us maintain it.

While it has definitely helped me with my hair growth, I wouldn’t say this is the main selling point of the brand. It really helps with the texture and leaves your hair just feeling lovely and clean, which is what you want, right?

If you’re like me, and have lost hope with other shampoo, please take a look at this super cool Mane ‘n Tail stuff. You really will not regret it.



Amsterdam Photo Diary


It’s Thursday night and it has been a long week back at work after my leisurely weekend in Amsterdam.

My boyfriend and I decided to have a weekend away earlier this year. We first initially planned a ‘glamping’ trip – you know, the ones with ‘wooden tents’ and that. We were slightly taken back when we realised how expensive it would be and how for the same price; we could go to another country! Amsterdam was at the top of our list for many reasons. The beautiful canals, the friendly people, chilled out vibe and the food – to name a few!

After an eventful trip through Security at Manchester Airport in the early hours of a cold, autumnal morning (yep, we’re talking mini panic attack and what not) we made it to the beautiful city which was just waking up as we touched down. It was amazing seeing the sunrise over the landscape from above. I’m pretty sure it would bore you to read through every tiny detail of the holiday, so I’ve decided to compile a few of the photos I took. I hope you enjoy looking through them!

 –   D  A  Y    1   –

Getting our bearings and eating A LOT of food.





 –   D  A  Y    2   –

Hirings bikes (then falling off said bike), zoo, aquarium, Micropia, De Oude kerk, The Red Light District.









 –   D  A  Y    3   –

A much needed lie in, followed by a cycle to the Albert Cuypmarkt. An interesting visit to the city archives, a cycle through Rijkmuseum and Rembrandtplein. We ate our tea at Sea Palace which is a FLOATING Chinese restaurant! SO MUCH FOOD.









 –   D  A  Y    4   –

We spent our final hours in Amsterdam exploring NDSM which is a former Shipyard. The land is now home to lots of street art and container houses.









Blended to Perfection – Cawa Coffee

It’s easy to walk past a coffee shop and assume that it’ll be ‘just another coffee shop’. Sheffield’s latest addition is Cawa Coffee, and it blows any element of the phrase ‘just another coffee shop’ straight out of the water.

The night of the 24th of October saw a night exclusive for bloggers/PR at Cawa Coffee, a cosy, hidden gem sitting just outside the city centre in student-filled Broomhill. 5 Crookes Road to be precise.

After walking through the door, not only are you greeted with the wonderful smells of fresh coffee but beautifully freshly baked bread and pastries.

When I say this place is not just another coffee shop, let me explain.

Absolutely everything from the team of people who work there, to each pastry sold has been expertly chosen, or crafted, to the absolute finest perfection. There is not one detail that hasn’t been thought of in their formula for creating an excellent little escape a stones throw from the hustle and bustle of city life. With each sip of hand selected coffee, you can taste the love and knowledge which has gone into creating that very cup. The team even flew out to Brazil and Columbia to select and create the coffee blend. They even roast the coffee themselves to ensure maximum freshness and taste. Incredible?!

Everything, where possible, at Cawa Coffee is locally sourced – something I adore as I believe it is very important to support local businesses. Sheffield famous names such as Our Cow Molly and The Birdhouse Tea Company is available, providing an alternative for those who don’t quite have the tastebuds for coffee. Let me tell you though, if you’re not a coffee fan – please try the coffee available here as it really is like no other coffee I have ever tasted – and that’s coming from a girl who used to work in a coffee shop during my first year of uni!

Just when you think you’ve taken in everything Cawa Coffee has to offer, you may realise the little corner promoting Cawa branded natural toiletries. So – good coffee, food AND beauty products? Count me in.

Little individually wrapped soaps and balms are carefully displayed and make the perfect take away option and even gifts. Again, you named it, the toiletries are locally sourced. Not mass produced in some factory and full of harsh chemicals. We were lucky enough to have some soap to bring home with us, and while I haven’t tried it yet (as I am writing this at 4am, the morning after the event!) I can tell you the smell is luxurious and calming. The soaps on offer are an orange scent, aloe Vera, lavender (the one I went for) and one more which I annoyingly can’t remember – but that just goes to show the range available.

With a vision to expand, you cannot fault the love that has been put into this place. Each team member has refined their craft to a t. They even presented us with a cup of black coffee, one which I was hesitant to try, and I was mind blown. A gentle, perhaps even slightly fruity, warm blend caressed my tastebuds like no coffee has ever done before – and this is coming from someone who normally can’t drink coffee without sugar and milk.

I really can assure you that a trip to Cawa Coffee needs to be on your to-do list. I have never fallen in love with such a spot before. I took along my pastry and Coffee loving boyfriend, and we both couldn’t stop stressing what a wonderful place it was and how glad we are that we were able to experience it. I really can’t sing this place’s praises enough and am so thankful and honoured I was able to experience their little piece of the world which I fully support in its mission to showcase expertly selected local products sold by a wonderful team of positive, enthusiastic and knowledgable people.

In fact, put it at the top of your to-do list. Please. You absolutely will not regret it and will fall in love with it, just like we all did tonight.

Thank you Cawa Coffee for changing my perspective on coffee and for welcoming us all with your generosity and warmth. We’ll be back.


The Ultimate Guide to Realistic Self-Care

pexels-photo-545034 (1).jpeg

It’s World Mental Health Day! As mental health awareness is something I feel so strongly about, I thought it would be appropriate for me to re-visit the topic of mental health for a special and also important blog post.

“The overall number of people with mental health problems has not changed significantly in recent years, but worries about things like money, jobs and benefits can make it harder for people to cope. 

It appears that how people cope with mental health problems is getting worse as the number of people who self-harm or have suicidal thoughts is increasing” – Mind

I believe it is around one in four people who will suffer with a mental illness. It’s such a shocking statistic and makes you realise how much people will hide this. Even though mental health is talked about so much more than it used to, it is still very much a taboo. While I’ve made blog posts about my mental health story (and this is something I plan to update!), I’ve decided to create a little guide that will hopefully help you out if you’re ever feeling slightly overwhelmed.


The act of ‘self-care’ is one which is totally personal to you. Self-care can mean something different to me, and something different to you. It is all about looking after yourself and rewarding yourself. I can say from personal experience, but suffering with mental illness can really, slowly, break you down. By giving yourself little rewards, by practising a little self care, you can help to build yourself back up again by making yourself aware of your self-worth. Here is a few, realistic things which you may want to consider adding into your daily/weekly/monthly routine.

  1. Give yourself those extra five minutes in bed.
    Now by this I don’t mean ‘make yourself late’. Go to bed earlier; even if you struggle to fall asleep. Spending that little bit of extra time getting cosy will be super valuable to your mind and soul. I read a great article about falling asleep at certain times which can help you wake at certain times. Check it out if you’re interested!

    If you love the feeling of looking at your alarm and realising you’ve got an extra half hour before you need to get out of bed; set your alarm for half an hour before you need to get up! In that way, you’ve got 30 minutes to scroll through the phone or simply lay back and relax before getting up to face the day.

  2. Wear your favourite item of clothing.
    If any of you are anything like me, if you feel you look good, you feel good. It could be anything from your comfiest pair of jeans, to a matching set of underwear. Even if it is wearing a matching set of socks! Anything!
  3. Do something to make someone else’s’ day.
    It could be holding the door open, letting that stranger on the bus before you, telling a friend you’re proud of them; anything. By spreading positivity onto someone else, it will rub off onto you.
  4. Take a bath or a shower.
    Even on the days when you don’t want to get out of bed at all, take a shower. I always find showers to be cleansing not only literally, but mentally. I like to think that I’m washing my worries away when I have a nice hot, shower.
  5. Keep your fluids up!
    “Staying hydrated by drinking enough water is one aspect of good physical, emotional, and mental health. We’re not one-dimensional and our approach to mental health shouldn’t be either.” – AIFC

    Taking a step back and having a sip of water is one of those things that can help you to calm down, especially if you’re panicked and breathing in an un-steady rate. Drinking water helps to keep you alert and keeps you focussed. It’s a small thing, but it is super beneficial for all aspects of your body.

  6.  Feeling happy? Take a selfie!
    If I’m having a great day, I love to capture the moment. If I feel great in myself, I like to take a selfie. If I’m having a lovely time out somewhere, I will photograph as much as I can as I LOVE to look back through my camera roll and be reminded of happy times when I’m struggling.

    7. Eat.
    Sometimes, your mind can be too pre-occupied to think about eating. Make sure you eat three meals a day and get some healthy stuff in there too if you can. If you find that you over-eat when you’re stressed, keep healthy snacks to hand – or even chewing gum.

    8. Have a chat.
    Chat with anyone about any worries you’ve had recently. It could be a parent, colleague, friend or even a pet! The process of vocalising your worries can be very therapeutic and refreshing for your mind. Even if nothing in your day has bothered you, try the same activity but re-capping all of the great aspects of your day.

    9. Organise your thoughts.
    Keep a diary or a list pad so that your thoughts don’t become lost in your head. Writing it down and getting it onto paper can be very rewarding, especially as you may want to tick things off a checklist, for example. Giving yourself that luxury of a clear schedule help you to organise any thoughts and worries you have surrounding upcoming events.

    If you like to get creative, why not try a bullet journal?

    10. Music
    Make yourself a playlist of songs that make you feel great. Listening to music and even singing/dancing along can really help to boost your spirits. We all have those guilty pleasures, in fact, I opened my Spotify in front of my boyfriend yesterday to reveal I was listening to the Hercules soundtrack…lol! Make those guilty pleasure songs ones to indulge in. Bring out the hair brush and have yourself a solo karaoke party.


Where did my Make-up Obsession come from?

Some people collect coins, others may collect stamps; I however, collect make-up.


I remember the joy of filling my first make-up bag with the bits of make-up that came free with Shout magazine. I remember having such a vast collection; everything from blue eyeshadow to very overly scented lip gloss. I had no idea what went with what, or how to apply any of it, but I did know that I LOVED owning it.

My mum was never keen on the idea of me wearing make-up, as a pre-teen, the most I really wore on a daily basis was a bit of mascara – which was a miss sporty one, and I kept it for YEARS. I remember feeling more confident which each swipe of the mascara wand onto my lashes.

Throughout secondary school, I struggled a lot with my appearance. I never felt like one of the ‘pretty’ girls and was often teased/bullied. For those of you that know me, and have read my mental health story, you will know how much my social anxiety affected me at school. I couldn’t answer a question in front of the class without having a panic attack. Being so self-conscious lead to my lack of self-esteem and made me doubt everything about myself.

There was one thing which always made me feel better…make-up. I remember the day I threw away everything I had free from a magazine, and started to buy proper make-up. I had a Collection 2000 concealer, mascara, and a few pieces from Boots’ Natural Collection. Over the months, my collection started to build, and so did the points on my Boots advantage card! My best friend and I, Molly, both began to become super interested in make-up and how to apply it.

I remember struggling to make my make-up ‘pop’ behind my glasses, so I turned to YouTube to find tutorials. I remember become lost in awe of beauty gurus such as Panacea81, Michelle Phan and Bubz beauty. Little did I know, Molly was watching the same kind of content, so we began watching countless make-up tutorials together and practising on each other! (If any one knows anything about my ‘glow up’ or whatever – it’s Molly!)

As I grew up, so did YouTube. Access to Make-up artists talking about their craft become more and more accessible. I started reading blogs and becoming super interested in the ‘beauty’ section of magazines. I remember learning more and more about high-end brands; Mac, Urban Decay etc. All I knew was that I wanted to own as much of it as I possibly could. My Christmas lists stopped being filled with the contents of the Argos catalogue, and more so the entire stock of a Mac store.


As my collection of beauty products grew, so did my skill level and confidence. I also noticed a huge boost in my self-esteem when I started wearing contact lenses. I started to see my face as a blank page I could decorate.

I don’t know if anyone else can relate to this, but there seemed to be a boom in make-up on social media around 2013/14. I remember seeing videos plastered all over Instagram and Facebook, which become my new ‘YouTube tutorials’ when I went to University. This time around however, I had a student loan!


When I think of make-up, it brings me so much joy. While some people turn to gaming, drawing, reading etc, I like to take all my make-up off and just have a play! I may not have a huge collection, but I have what I love and I admire every single thing I own.

If you’re like me and make-up mad, how did you get into it?!


Finding the Balance – Blogging and Working

Jumping from uni and straight into a full time role was a big jump. I remember kissing goodbye to a relatively flexible week and saying hello to a very ‘grown up’ 9-5 routine.

Being offered my dream job straight after university was the biggest blessing I could have asked for. I actually finished university in May, and didn’t start my job until July; meaning I had a month or so to do as I pleased. I decided to dedicate a lot of time to my blog. It was an exciting time with a lot of events and I was enjoying being a blogger.

A couple weeks before I started my job, I pre-wrote a lot of blog posts and wrote a plan. I knew that the likelihood of me being able to have any sort of creativity/energy left to blog would be unlikely. I’d like to say I’m a hard worker – so by the end of each working day, I’m pretty much ready to go home and re-charge my personal battery. I was worried that just as I was starting to feel like I was getting somewhere with my blog, it would go downhill as I wouldn’t have the time. I was determined not to let this happen!

I’ve been at my job for just about 2 months now, and I’ve managed to get into the grove of working my blog around my life. Here’s a few tips which may help you!

  1. Set aside specific time to blog. For me, it’s a Sunday. This doesn’t have to be writing; it could be a bit of social media, photography, emails etc.
  2. Write down any blog idea you have so you can beat writers block.
  3. Schedule blog posts in advance and schedule tweets to go live alongside them. That way, your posts are taken care of if you’re not around to publicise it.
  4. Don’t put pressure on yourself and don’t compare yourself to other bloggers. Everyone has their own way of working their blog around their life. Yours will be unique to you!
  5. If blogging related activity feels like something you ‘have to’ do – don’t do it. It should be fun. Save it for another day! This is why I think it’s important to plan and schedule as much as possible.

Hopefully these tips are useful to some of you. It doesn’t have to be related to work either; perhaps it’s school or a college course which takes up a lot of your time. Let me know how you tackle blogging around a busy lifestyle in the comments below or on twitter! @FromAHart